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5 Top Tips You Can Start Using Today To Boost Your confidence With Creative Writing

Creative writing confidence can be the difference between writing freely, openly, deeply, each sentence unravelling as deliciously as you want it to, and writing absolutely nothing at all.

If your confidence is low as a writer, your perception of your writing becomes distorted. You become super critical, every word or phrase that you don’t think is utterly perfect is discarded as useless. Pretty soon, your confidence in writing anything worthwhile – which was already fragile – becomes as brittle as a fine crystal vase. Another slip and it could crash to the floor and shatter into a thousand pieces…

The benefits of being able to boost your writing confidence are obvious and reach beyond just the writing itself.

When you’re more confident, you’re more creative, when you’re more creative, you’re happier, calmer, more productive.

So how can you boost your creative writing confidence when it feels so low you have to use a spade to even find it?

Here are 5 top tips:

  1. Think back to a time when you were writing freely. It might have been a period of months or minutes, go with what comes to mind as a strong memory. Take yourself back to that time and see yourself writing. Absorb the fine details of the scene. What was going on around you, what could you see, hear and feel that made your writing easy and fluid? Write them down, then plan how you can recapture these elements again.
  2. Gather a portfolio of evidence. It’s easy when your confidence is low to believe that you’ve never written anything worthwhile or interesting. But deep down, you know that’s not the case. It’s time to gather some evidence to back that up. Go through some of your past work that you’re most proud of. Before long you’ll realise just how much you have written, and how pleased you were with a considerable amount of your work.
  3. Write without expectation. When your confidence is low, ironically, your expectation rises and you think each piece you write should be a literary masterpiece. Take the pressure off, write just for the enjoyment of writing and see where it takes you. Don’t look for an end “product”, just write to enjoy the adventure.
  4. Write something different. If something’s not working the way you’re doing it, then a change needs to be made. Try writing something completely different to what you’ve been working on lately, preferably something unlike anything you’ve ever written before. Because you have no yardstick of previous writing in this form to measure yourself by, you’ll be able to write more freely and with more confidence.
  5. Start small then build. If your confidence is shaky, the last thing you need to be attempting is an epic trilogy of novels to rival anything written in the last century. Start small, aim to simply write as creatively as you can for 15 minutes each day for 14 days. You can continue a previous day’s writing each day, or start afresh each time. What’s important is to instil that daily writing habit, which will help you steadily build your confidence as the days and weeks pass.

Pick one of these techniques to use today to boost your creative writing confidence.

Once you’re seeing some positive results, introduce another technique and see what effect that has. In a matter of days, you’ll notice how your confidence in writing has started to return.

By Dan Goodwin

Photo by h.koppdelaney

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