An artist bio is a short paragraph describing you and your career as an artist. A bio differs from an artist statement; the latter describes the artwork and the artistic processes behind it, whereas a bio refers to the artist only. Artist statements explore techniques and concepts behind your work, whereas the focus of bios is more factual.

Keep your artist bio short and concise. Ensure it has a good structure and write it in the third person tense. An ideal artist bio should be one to two paragraphs in length and should include:

  • Your artist name
  • Where you are based
  • Key themes explored in your artistic practice
  • Any art related education
  • What medium/s you work in
  • Any other information relevant to your artistic practice

Once you have drafted your bio, ask a friend or someone you trust for feedback. It’s worth asking a number of people with varying knowledge of the arts sector to read over your bio. Be prepared to edit and re-draft your bio until it is 100% clear and fully reflects you and your artistic practice.

Check your bio for spelling, punctuation and grammar. If hand-written, type up your bio so you always have a digital copy that you can edit as your practices evolves. It’s important to keep your bio up to date, and make sure you update it on any showcasing or sales platforms online.

Download this guide here

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