Here’s an interesting blog post on the displaying art prices debate from Be Smart About Art. They offer lots of advice on the commercial aspects of selling art as well as gaining funding and navigating the ever-complex art world. You can become a member of the website which entitles you to various benefits, but they also put out a lot of free content too.

“There’s no black and white answer to this, but it’s an important question for anyone selling art to address. Artists don’t like doing it because they often feel uncomfortable about the money-related aspects of their creative work, or because they’re unsure about what amount to charge.

The number one reason that gallerists say that they don’t list prices is this:
They want prospective clients to get in touch. They say that this provides a known sales lead and starts a conversation.  Seem reasonable? The major problem with it is the assumption that such a conversation will ever take place.”


Read their blog post here

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