Tiger by Mik Strevens


I originally drew this for my Mum who loves tigers. It has since been used as the cover of a book called BHAJAN by Tim Garvin.

A limited edition of 10 prints

Dimensions: 297 x 420mm

Availability: 10 in stock

A limited edition print run of 10 by artist Mik Strevens

“I have been a creative all my life, my Dad taught me how to draw horses, ships, Mickey Mouse and all about animals. I would go on mini safaris in the woods behind our house, lost for hours, just searching for and watching nature.”

While Mik Strevens’ work is digital for the most part, he also draws photorealistic images, retouches old or damaged photographs, combines multiple photographs and textures to make what is known as Grunge art or Fine art photography.
At school, Strevens studied photography and fell in love with it. He could never take a picture and leave it alone; he would have to do some experimenting in the darkroom to make the image “better or different”. In sixth form he helped out in the photography department, including building a darkroom and a cinema, and spent every free lesson there. He has spent most of his adult life taking photographs.

Strevens was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in 2010. It has had a profound effect on him; coming to terms with a lifelong debilitating disease, he has found it very hard and at times, even now, on a bad day he struggles both physically and emotionally. His wife bought him a digital SLR camera, to give him ‘something to do’. This single act reignited his passion for art and has helped lift him every day, something for which he will be eternally grateful to her for. Going digital has been a revelation. As his mobility has become worse, he has found not being restricted in his creativity has helped get that ‘virtual shed’ back, providing “somewhere to just escape and do stuff”.

Strevens feels he has come out of the dark days now, feeling stronger and able to cope with life; “I have learned that I can do whatever I want to do, not reined in by fear of failure, the one thing that held me back before.”

website – www.mikstyx.com

Dimensions 297 × 420 cm




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