Loneliness and Isolation


Billions of people on the planet yet still loneliness and isolation pervades. The feelings of detachment from everyone and everything around you can create a sense of rejection, abandonment and deep sadness. The blissfulness of solitude I know, but being alone in loneliness that’s a completely different flow. An empty flow of pain, in the depths of the heart. To feel alone in a world full of people is an inner darkness that wants to be heard, wants to be held and wants to be healed.

A limited edition of 10 prints

Dimensions: 297 x 420mm

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A limited edition print run of 10 by artist Danika McElroy

“My artwork expresses my ongoing relationship with mental health and spiritual growth. For me painting is a safe space amongst the chaos and brings a sense of clarity – it is my most powerful form of communication.”

Danika McElroy uses the dynamic nature of watercolours to capture the raw extremities of thoughts and feelings she experiences – the depths of depression, the heights of elation and the questions of our existence as a whole. Her paintings visualise the invisible.

Danika experiences the world through feeling and she considers herself to be an intuitive artist. She uses a range of colour and symbolism to bring these emotional realities to life. Mesmerised and fascinated by the sky in all its glory – the colours, the clouds, the stars, the moon and the entire universe – she uses these influences to help tell her story. The use of the earth and the figurine within her work shows how her world feels and the different states of mind she experiences. Motivated by a desire to give hope and insight to others, she shares her work with the hope that people will connect and resonate with it, or gain new understanding.

“My main aspiration is to ignite curiosity in others, invite them to consider a deeper perspective on life and spark conversations into the workings of the mind and emotions, so we can better understand one another.”

Danika has exhibited in Tight Modern Exhibition 2016/17 and Creative Future Winner’s Tour 2017/18 winning 2nd prize in the public vote on both occasions. Danika was recently shortlisted for A Creative Celebration Award as part of the 2019 Artists Open Houses in Brighton. She has also worked closely with Mind, the mental health charity, sharing her work and story with a wider audience.

Website: danikamcelroy.wix.com/aclutteredmind
Instagram: @a_clutteredmind




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