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New website & logo

In the run up to the 2015 Literary Awards, we’ve been working close with the Sussex Community Internet Project (SCIP)  to create a new visual identity and website for the Literary Awards. SCIP are a fantastic ...
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Introducing Fergus, our CF Literary Awards Project Manager

Hello everyone! Firstly, I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Fergus Evans, and I joined the team about a month ago as Project Manager for the Creative Future Literary Awards.  A little bit about ...
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Endorsement from Alice Dill

We received a lovely statement of support from literary agent Alice Dill, which we wanted to share with you: 'Diversity in publishing is such an important issue and organisations like yours are invaluable in opening up doors ...
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Endorsement from Dean Atta

Performance Poet Dean Atta, who was named one of the most influential LGBT people by the Independent on Sunday Pink List, had this to say about the Creative Future Literary Awards and the importance of creative ...
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Endorsement from Sarah Rayner

Bestselling author Sarah Rayner, whose work includes novels One Moment, One Morning and Another Night, Another Day plus the non-fiction guide Making Friends with Anxiety, tells us why she thinks the Creative Future Literary Awards are so ...
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Endorsement from Mikey Walsh

We were very flattered to receive a statement of support from Mikey Walsh, the best-selling author of Gyspy Boy and Gypsy Boy on the Run: 'Everybody has a story – their story, and there are some that are lucky ...
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25 Rules for Editing Poems

Some great (if sometimes contradictory) advice from the excellent Magma Poetry Magazine. Click here to read the article at Magma Photo by Nic's events  
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Built For Speed: How Flash Fiction Stole My Heart

This article's author claims Flash Fictions says 'Give me a few minutes of your time. You won't be sorry.' We think this article does, too. Click here to read the article at The Huffington Post Photo ...
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16 Women Who’ll Inspire You to Write

Spanning both poetry and prose, this list of 16 amazing women writers is sure to inspire you. Click here to read the article at Bustle Photo by takomabibelot  
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Seven Techniques You Must Know To Make Editors Notice Your Poetry

Standing out from the crowd is always a challenge, but these seven tips will help ensure your poetry will catch an editor's eye. Click here to read the article at Writer's Relief   Photo by stevendepolo
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A Tour of the Poetry Archive with Stephen Fry

If you haven't visited the brilliant Poetry Archive, this selection of digital recordings curated by noted writer and broadcaster Stephen Fry is a great introduction. Click here to read the article at The Poetry Archive Photo ...
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How to Write a Short Story and Get it Published

Great advice from people who know a thing or two, including award winning writer Nikesh Shulka and Ambit Magazine's Fiction Editor Gary Budden. Click here to read the article at IdeasTap
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