Creative Future's project RESTORE is for East Sussex residents (outside of Brighton & Hove) who are recently unemployed or furloughed due to the covid-19 pandemic. RESTORE is a series of creative activities to help participants unlock their potential. All the creatives facilitating our workshops have lived experience of underrepresentation themselves; this is integral to our work.

The creative activities include:

  • Creative Writing for Wellbeing
  • Nature Writing & Journaling for Wellbeing
  • Finding Time for Creativity
  • Finding Everyday Creativity through Photography
  • Self-Actualisation & Realisation through Coaching

All activities will take place between April-July 2021. Explore your own creativity and try something new. You don't need any previous experience, just sign up and have a go!

If you are interested, click the link below to book your place on each of the activities via our EVENTBRITE page.

RESTORE: Our Creative Activities


Creative Writing for Wellbeing

The sessions will provide a safe and constructive space for all participants to learn and develop their confidence in creating and expressing themselves through different types of creative writing. The ethos of the programme is to emphasise the therapeutic value of writing of all kinds and to encourage the participants to explore different ways to prompt creativity and process different experiences and feelings.


Creative Future Writing Workshop

Nature Writing & Journaling

Open to anyone interested in exploring writing and nature—any level of writing experience is welcome. During these sessions, we’ll explore writing about the great outdoors, noting observations and occurrences and collecting found treasure (a skeletal leaf, a heart-shaped stone, a bone, a feather, a strip of fleece etc).

RESTORE Everyday Creativity Project Plan

Finding Everyday Creativity through Photography

The workshops will enable people to confidently take photos on a smartphone, tablet, or camera and start to develop a creative visual eye. Participants will actively encourage interaction with both the external and internal world while learning some quick practical tips to produce strong, powerful photographs. They will also be encouraged to find time every day to take some picstures.

RESTORE Everyday Creativity Project Plan

Self-Actualisation & Realisation through Coaching

Life coaching with a little creativity thrown in. Includes a blend of discussion, gentle movement, mindfulness and writing exercises. This includes four different workshops:

  • Finding Time for Creativity – this session will run three times
  • Finding Your Purpose
  • Getting to Know Yourself
  • Reducing Overwhelm & Looking After You

Everyday Creativity is a programme commissioned by the East Sussex Public Health Team to explore the impact of creative activities during lockdown on people’s health and wellbeing. It aims to engage the local arts sector who have been adversely hit by COVID. Culture Shift has been commissioned to oversee the programme.

There are five distinct projects running alongside each other working with:

  • Personal Assistants (PAs) supporting people in the local community
  • Furloughed and recently unemployed people
  • Rough sleepers
  • Care home residents and their families
  • Young people (aged 14-19)

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