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If you are interested in volunteering for any of the following roles please contact the Creative Future offices on the number above or email info@creativefuture.org.uk

“Whilst volunteering with Creative Future, I have been incredibly inspired by the amount of hard work that goes into every little detail by the team. I have felt so lucky to have met such creative, positive, lovely people whilst volunteering.”

Creative Future volunteer

Arts Administration

A smooth running organisation is essential to meet the needs of our service users. As an arts administration volunteer you will be helping out in our office located in central Brighton; taking workshop bookings, sending out letters, entering data, scanning artwork, sending out brochures etc. You need to be confident on the phone and the computer.

Event management

Creative Future delivers two high profile art events – the Tight Modern and The Creative Future Literary Awards. We also put up smaller exhibitions in cafes, offices and community centres. If you volunteer to be part of our event delivery team you will be helping us deliver these events; framing work, hanging pictures, creating signage etc. You need to be good with practical tasks and be prepared to travel out and about as well as working in our office.

Marketing and Promotion

At Creative Future we are always looking for ways to promote the artists and writers we work with. As a marketing and promotion volunteer you will be helping highlight the work of the organisation and promote those we work with. This could involve: researching potential sponsors, promoting our work to local businesses, sending out publicity. You will need good communication and IT skills and can do this work from our offices or your home.

Artist Assistant

Creative Future delivers a wide range of workshops and courses. Would you like experience working directly with an artist, helping them upload their work to websites? As an artist assistant you will need to be good with people, reliable and interested in art or writing and have some knowledge of computers, as most of this work will take place at a computer.

Social Media Engagement

We have a new project focusing on training volunteers in social media skills. Learn the difference between your Facebook from your Twitter, or your Flickr from your Tumblr. As part of the project you’ll be posting to Facebook, writing Tweets, creating blogs and generally becoming IT savvy.

Image credit: Yvonne J Foster ‘Watching the Sea’

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