Yvonne J Foster


Yvonne J Foster - artist, designer, scribbler, storyteller and maker of tiny curious things.  Trained as a designer and silversmith, Foster graduated in 1998 with a BA (Hons) from Sir John Cass, but in the working world became disillusioned and switched to a career working with children.In 2011, following a breakdown stemming from past traumatic experiences Foster returned to art, creating images to express and process emotion. “Art is still my way of processing life, it helps me to unburden emotions and gives me a way to express the inexpressible. It is also my escape, relaxation and enjoyment. I often draw to please myself, as well as to challenge, to amuse and entertain.”  Focusing on minute details, Foster is extremely measured, particular and precise; hugely diverse, her work ranges from stylistic graphic portraits and scribbled sketchbooks, to miniature artworks and tiny boxes.“ I purposely restrict in order to exercise an element of control. It focusses me and gives a welcome break from a self-critical and traumatised brain. It is a very solitary and personal process. I can hide the most precious or raw emotions inside every detail.” In the Ice Cream Artworks series Foster explores idealism and perfection, combining the use of flat, bright colours and greyscale to form highly stylised images. Drawing on the popular culture of the 1930s, the golden age of cinema and illustrations promising the lure of escapism, she mimics the perfection sought in an imperfect world. “Since reality is so completely imperfect, I choose to play with worlds of escapism, optimism, longing and possibility.” 

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