I am an artist that likes to experiment with different medias and artistic styles.

One Driver Escaped Uninjured

a straggle of a line arms folded back reverential contortions hunched crow-black from the sweep of the rain a grasp “Sorry for you trouble” poor comfort that the clink of glasses striking a tinder heart   the crazed cuckoo croak of the clock ticking off the first hour of a life without her those others whose blood was spilt the rain battered box gift wrapped wreaths and flowers blooming on a life of guilt  


I have harvested enchantment in fields of stone Under the shrill protest of small wild birds Gathered shadows of dead heroes into creels of bone   I have heard the laments of childless women crowd through dead forests Traced the scrawl where bony finger’s picked out each patchwork rut and row A bright mist shrouds   their faces. Gentle the trickle of their tears Remembering each flawed caress nurturing cut flowers Urging dormant seeds to grow from ancient fissures


Lost at sea. It had no mate It’s entrails gory in a spate Dank and long. Big as any whale Swept red up the wretched spit A taut black bow. Beaching in to a broad arch Wavering it’s grip only where gravity plucked it’s portion of horizon. Bleary eyed. Surprised. It neatly forged a Soutine set into the jaw sharp shingle Perhaps lost. Concussed Lead astray by the keeling keen of marinised engines. Con-rods compelling call. Chasing Archimedes worm – baited for destruction Bone-craft. Harled and hauled to a reductive station Tried to extract succour from the tide-dry esker Were …Read more

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