Tony Spiers



Flanders Field

This piece was written as part of the ‘Writing in the Museum’ course and was inspired by the exhibition of First World War posters.We are such blessed beasts, we sheep, we flocks of Southdowns, we Wensleydales, we Herdwicks, we Beulah Speckled Face. What joy to be alive in 1915 and off to Flanders Fields, where, they say, the ground is so soft on your hooves and the sky is always blue and thronged with larks and swallows and the sweet, sweet yarrow, and salad-burnet and soft-brome leap from the turf into your open mouths, and there is such gaiety there and merriment …Read more

Teddy boy outfit worn by Rockin’ Bill 1965 – 1969

step not upon them pleasemy shoes of red suede, brothel creepersspare them the ravage of your minutesmy face pucker it as you willmy greased quiff grizzlemy sideburns alsosuffer your moths to scoffmy blue drape jacketits velvet trim collarmy breath blight and hobble my heartmemories all unstitchfrazzle my charcoal drainpipe trousersfor rags my lime green sockstheir fluorescence trashgag my ears as you pleasemy eyes dusktear up my brocade waistcoatmy bootlace tie its saxophone claspwrack my flick-knifeburn my jivetear out the tonguesfrom my Elvis recordsfor I belong with the dandified boysmy shoes of suede on firelike red pepperslike raw meatstep not upon …Read more

Frog amulets from a grave in Nubia

we know right away we must be frogs, but what sort? South African bullfrogs?   Asiatic painted frogs? cloud forest glass frogs? Malaysian flying frogs?   glazed maroon and blue pison arrow frogs? Table Mountain ghost frogs? hubbubbing  in the flood Nile   by the papyrus-reeds frogs? no – we find ourselves as amulets of translucent red carnelian   and glass rhyolitic lava we hare Heqet frog goddess   who breathes life into a child at birth and goddess of resurrection   we frogs who have wriggled from our liquid lives into the next thirsty world   of breath and …Read more

Tatanua mask ( New Ireland 1880 – 1900)

he hated himthe week after his father’s funeral boy on a school trip to the museumsee a tatanua mask used by the people of New Ireland in ceremonies to band the worldback to normal after a deathto amuse the girls he puts on themask swallow boyface in biggobopen to business pricly teethhine like reefsharkin limewood soothish bloodbrown whitewear sugarcan fibres wear fleecewooltall cresty rughairseasnailshells two peeperholesboy go look him at spirits at everyplacein braincoral in mangrovetree in ghostcrabnow make him go dance him shankbonesall puppetty skip hop the knucklego twist jump starsrump go wiggle to drumsonskinshoof and prance go leapfrog moonkickheel and armflinggo …Read more

Jeff Koons

of all your lovely labour’s arty fruit the one that gives me swoons is that long cool oblongated vowel   the croons that’s tooting in your name it’s an impish April cuckoo it’s the music of oboes and bassoons   a brassiere nostrils in the snoots of zoo baboons love all at Wimbledon twin sixpences, two copper picayunes   it’s lips apart surprised, delighted a brace of bagels or rounded macaroons boobs, a bicycle, children hooting at cartoon buffoons   mouths cockled for a kiss a wooing wood pigeon’s soothing tunes a pair of life-belts, two boiled eggs waiting for …Read more

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