Tina Shanly

Tina is 93 years old and has been an artist all her life doing paintings and sculptures from everyday items. Tina began writing poetry back in 1974. As she has gotten older her hands have made it difficult to write well, so she has just invested in an Ipad to help her! Tina is inspired by the world around her and by her own life experiences. Tina says that often the first line of a poem will pop into her head, and she generally will just go with it, trusting in her own creativity.

The Ancient Castle

Over the hills and far awayThere stands a castle, till this day.Wars did come, never sought,No enemy ever crossed its fort.There within its dark, damp, hallsShelves house tomes against the walls.Fading pages on ancestors speak;Praising heroes but not the weak.Will white-gloved hands turn the pagesTo reveal the truth of bygone ages;Of vengeance sort by spurned …

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Bins of Night

The bins of night are filled with yesterday’s livingEverything was discarded with no remorse, no misgivingA cloak of darkness wraps itself around it allUntil dawn reveals it’s gone, beyond recall!We wake at the break of a new born dayObsessed by our habit to throw things awayNo lesson was learned, it was all in vainWe’ll just …

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Memory Lane

Tell me some of your woes,Mostly the things that non-one else knows. The loss of a loved-one that you bemoan.The despair you feel because you’re alone. Confide in me; I’m your invisible friend,Although you can’t see me I’ve an ear to lend. I’ll always be here, close at hand,Ready and willing to understand. Whisper the …

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