Stella Walls


Studied at Kingston art school, left after only one year because I felt my expressive art was being stifled. Went on to Trinity Music College on an oboe scholarship and found my outlet for expression in my playing. Became a professional oboe player but never at any time did I give up on my art. I studied with many professional artists privately in London,Twickenham and eventually Horsham where I attended Northbrook college and many evening classes. Now retired I have more time for my sculpture and creative writing with great thanks to Creative Future for their help and encouragement.

Adult Nightmares

Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf? Me   Night night, sleep tight, mind the bed bugs don’t bite Where are they? Who’s afraid? Me   Hickory dickory dock the mouse ran up the clock Which clock? Who’s afraid of mice? Me   Incy wincy spider climbing up the spout Is it in the bathroom? Who’s terrified? Me   Watch out, watch out, the bogey man is out Out where? Who’s afraid? Me   Ding dong bell pussy’s down the well Who killed the cat? The bogey man Will he kill Me?   Humpty Dumpty fell off the wall Who …Read more

A Journey

The Chinese have a saying ‘the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step’.  What they don’t say is how hard each step is on life’s journey.Faltering steps of the babyHesitant steps of the childTentative steps of the teenagerExploratory steps of the studentProud steps of the graduateFulfilling steps of the workerRetraceable steps of a memoryDevastating steps of a lost loveBackward steps of the waryHopeless steps of the disillusionedWeary steps of the travellerUntraceable steps of the pilgrimFaltering steps of the old                Hesitant steps of the infirm                                Uncertain steps towards deathThe journey ends here?                NO                                It is just beginning


DreamsLike balloons that fly away and burstlike cumulous clouds that float silentlyabove you, casting shadows filtered throughthe trees’ canopy.Shadows that can’t be capturedsun beams you cannot hold.Fleeting moments of beautydevastating views of hell.NightmareBlack rain clouds gather ominouslyThunder crashes overheadLightning illuminates the scene.Frozen in your dream you can’t awakeSilently it slips away from whence it came.You wake, eyes wide, for a moment paralysed by thoughts‘it was only a dream’ you say aloud and fallback to sleep, awaiting the next

Fleeting Moments

An owl silhouetted against the moonNo stars                SilenceThe red roses greet the morning skyIt will rainA butterfly flutters trapped by a windowlike thoughts                trapped in the mindShadows grow longerNight time approachesBirds fly homeThe sky lark rises in songThe buzzard waits                FinaleGazing at a leaden skyA snow flake falls                Winter

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