i am enjoying writing poetry to relax me as i have generalised anxiety disorder phobia and a mild learning disability. writing poetry makes me forget about my problems and calms me and sends my head into the world i am writing about. people have said how good my poetry is so that why i am sharing it with you 

The sea poem

The sea In the air of desire the oceans breathe the deep blue sea laps back and forth very calmly in the air fish swim in the sea having fun in the sun the sea meets the golden sand and sparkles like glitter in the sun seashells lying on the sand looking pretty all day long the sea will always be very calm In the air that we breathe By Sophie danielle Mayes 5 march 2017 ©

My beach hut poem

My beach hut In the stillness of evening the waves sing as i sit outside my beach hut and listen to sounds the waves make I look up at the sky and see the sun setting on this beautiful day dreaming about tomorrow my beach hut lives on the golden sand which is as still as the air we breathe the inside of my beach hut is very calmly painted pale blue to match the sea the sun has now set the waves are still singing I now lock up my beach hut for the night leaving for home feeling …Read more

watching the stream poem

Watching the stream I hear the little birds singing softly as i watch water flowing quickly down the stream rocks are sitting pretty at an angle some rocks have green moss on them which shines beautifully in the sun the reflexions of the sun make the water sparkle like crystal trees growing next to the stream some are tall some are bendy and winding into each other making it cool under the trees as they’re shading the sun out leaves are moving excitedly in the air long grasses by the stream gently swaying from side to side the water is …Read more

colourful pansies poem

Colourful pansies Four pansies just hanging pretty sparkling like crystal in the light. Softly swaying in the air like music in harmony. Beautiful strong colours blue, purple, red and orange decorate the petals. Green leaves gently connect to the flower, gracefully swaying from side to side echoing each other. Just looking at their elegance brings me peace and contentment, watching the pansies. By Sophie danielle Mayes 15 june 2017 ©

Petals in the astronomical day poem

Petals in the astronomical day Pretty petals are so soft, like velvet, smooth to the touch. Brightly coloured in a spectrum of colours, like an artist palette, bursting full of colours, waiting to be painted. Petals shine so beautifully, In the glistening sunlight, In the astronomical day. The petals stop shining, when dull shadowy light of dusk appears. But the pretty petals, are still so delicate to the touch. They will shine again, In the morning sunrise, Which starts the astronomical day again. By Sophie danielle Mayes 11 july 2017 ©

Peaceful walk on the beach poem

Peaceful walk on the beach As you walk along the beach, breathe in the air, that’s peaceful and gentle, makes you feel very calm in the moment, The sun is shining on the sea, like hundreds of shimmering stars,  making fish very bright in the sea, all the luxurious colours shining through, The sand is soft and smooth to a delicate touch, shells beautifully located on the sand, as the sea has wash them up on the beach, some are big some are small, they’re interesting to look at on the sand, Pebbles arranged on the beach, have a slippery …Read more

Beauty of flowers poem

Beauty of flowers Beautiful flowers everywhere, some are big some are small, they come in a kaleidoscope of many colours, rich and vibrant are a few, many are delicate and sweet smelling, all flowers capture the beauty of nature, which is all around, when there are beautiful flowers everywhere Sophie Mayes 28 December 18 ©

Jolly Happy Christmas poem

JOLLY HAPPY CHRISTMAS Everyone is jolly, Everyone is happy, We call this christmas, And it’s time to have fun, Do not be gloomy, Appreciate the beauty,     Look at the stars, And wish what you want, No time to worry, No need to hurry, It’s time to relax, Be thankful and be glad, Let the happiness of christmas, Calmly fill our hearts, With love and peace, And appreciate the present moment,                          For this is christmas, Everyone is jolly, Everyone is happy, And having fun, Singing carols, Watching christmas films, Eating festive food, everyone is jolly and happy, Let’s …Read more

Having fun in the rain poem

Having fun in the rain When it rains outside I smile inside as i know it’s time to play in the rain I put on my red welly boots and pick up my umbrella I look at the raindrops falling down my window then go outside and put up my red umbrella raindrops gently pitter-patter on the ground I jump in puddles holding my umbrella up high so i don’t get wet on my head I have fun playing in the rain with my welly boots and umbrella By Sophie danielle Mayes 5 march 2017 ©

If i where a cute elephant poem

If i were a cute elephant If i were a cute elephant I would be a female elephant being big and strong sitting tall Wearing my pink crown I’d have big ears to hear everything as i’d guard the other elephants I’d feel happy and sad at the same time as i’d be sitting all day and night watching the elephants playing and doing their everyday things but inside my heart i know i’d be happy by knowing all the other elephants would be safe by me guarding them By Sophie danielle Mayes 5 march 2017 ©

The flowers come out poem

The flowers come out When the sun shines the flowers come out like a kaleidoscope of colours each and every flower Is very beautiful and delicate everyday i look at the flowers they bring me peace and harmony The petals glimmer In the shimmering sun I feel very calm now that i have found my inner peace and harmony with flowers By Sophie danielle Mayes 5 march 2017 ©

Chocolate poem

Chocolate I like chocolate milk and white tasting sweet and velvety melting in my mouth sometimes rich and creamy chocolate bars long and thin biscuits crunchy when eating them some have melted chocolate on the top others have chocolate chips in them cake soft and fluffy with chocolate sauce pouring out as you cut a slice off also decorated with chocolate sprinkles on top I like eating chocolate It makes my day happier by knowing i can have a chocolaty treat By sophie danielle Mayes 12 march 2017 ©

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