Sabinah Adewole


Sabinah is a writer and Poet. she started writing Poetry in May 2018. she has composed 35 poems and her poems are created from day to day events in the ordinary life and environment. her poems are inspirational . some of her work can be found on The TALENT BANK.  

The Dog on the Train

The Dog on the train 029 We stopped at Newbury Park station The passengers came off the train The Dog and its owner came on to the train The Dog was sitted up right next to its owner The owner was siting on the edge of the chair Looking up at other passengers as he held his dog tight on the lead He tried to move him off the seat as other passengers looked on The dog sat upright and would not budge I thought to my self A dog has as much right as we do The Dog lies …Read more

Grief 040

Grief 040 It’s the first year anniversary This was not an easy day for anyone I was threading on egg shells I said a prayer in the morning I sent a text to other family members It was not very easy to know what to do not to upset anyone It was easy to send a text to everyone That was my way of dealing with grief Grief differs for everyone I thought some May prefer to be left alone I thought of my own experience of grief I did not want to speak to anyone I wanted my own …Read more

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