Roo I MacLeod


I write Dystopian Thrillers concering a homeless lad living rough on the streets of Ostere. My work is influenced by Cormac Mccarthy, PD James and Orwell with a little style content courtesy of JD Salinger.

Landlord Says ‘No.’ from Paragraph Planet

Billy was pissed ‘cause he wasn’t getting served.  The landlord had adopted a whisky hunch, his broken body defending his alcohol. Billy climbed onto the bar and pushed his monkey beneath the fat red nose, accidently knocking the crystal tumbler to the floor.  The sign said No dwarfs. The tumbler was broken.  Whisky soaked the floor.  Billy climbed back off the bar and waited for a punter to open the door to the dwarfs lounge.

Dinner’s Served from Paragraph Planet

Tommy couldn’t see the kill.  He was young, tall, handsome with a right cowboy attitude to life, but the knife never hit the target. I was hungry.  The knife shone dully in the pale light of the moon. Twice it flipped, its path silent, the rats head lowered to the effluent leaking from the open sewer. It struck, shaft deep and Tommy dipped his head in reverence before running to collect the prize.

Yo Red

Yo Red An Adult Fairy Tale by Roo I MacLeod “I was finishing my shift when Red skipped past me.  She was wearing her cape and carrying a basket full of groceries.” The Cop was bored before I began.  He’d already bummed a cigarette from me and was concentrated on filling his lungs with smoke.  He’d sat his big arse against the bonnet of his police car, tapping his truncheon on the front fender.  The medics were fretting over a couple of cuts on Red’s face and a conviction she was mentally scarred for life.  “I was doing my community …Read more

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