Rita Ro

Hello! I'm an artist born and raised in Mexico City and currently based in London,UK. I experiment mainly with visual art, poetry and music. After working as a pastry chef in several countries one day i felt that i wanted to learn in other areas than just the culinary and decided to explore other art forms of self expression. My work has a very hands on approach and totally DIY displaying a combination of the things i am interested about. I have travelled around the world and lived in different countries which have influenced my perspectives of the outer and inner world. My latest work, a colouring book called Totem Masks released through Trece Lunas Project (a project of mine dedicated to art, poetry and music). Other projects include Sun for Sunday - a project exploring metaphysical subjects through food. Musically, albums Renaissance (2011) and Milk (2014). Visual art and oil paintings are also an ongoing process in my body of work. Apart from a degree in gastronomy i did many years ago, i actually have no formal training in music or art. I'm autodidact. In a world where there is little encouragement for private introspection, where commerce has the greatest value. Art can be the path for questioning and eliminating the current system's unnatural ways. Through art we can remember the majesty of what we are and the splendour of what we are doing. links: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/ritaroartist https://ritaro.tumblr.com        

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