I am Rejectamental, a UK-based self-taught artist working with recycled materials and found objects to create mixed-media artworks. I practice 'urban archaeology' and can often be found scouring the local streets for crushed tin cans, rusty metal, weathered wood and shiny objects. I like to create narratives with my work, whether exploring the darker side of folk and fairy tales or my own subconscious. My art is also a means of therapy, allowing me to confront my mental illness and express my thoughts and ideas in a constructive way. Recently, I have begun exploring themes of identity, mortality, dreams, and my own memories and mental health. I hope to encourage dialogues and discussions about these subjects through my art. I am mostly self-taught, having found the academic approach to be counter-intuitive to my own ideas and methods. My influences include World folk and fairy tales, Joseph Cornell, religious kitsch, Victorian photography, dream imagery, Outsider Art, psychology and psychoanalysis.

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