Writing has been a passion of mine for many years as you can open doors to new worlds every time you touch pen to paper. I'm especially drawn to poetry, being a fan of writers such as Edgar Allan Poe. I consider that poetry carries with it great power that encompasses a vast array of emotions which can steer the reader in multiple directions. Literature is incredibly cathartic, not just for the writer but for the readers. Words can build the worlds in which we want to get lost.I’m studying to be a psychologist with the aim to become an art therapist. I find the human mind to be beautiful, terrifying and utterly fascinating, and no matter which of these descriptions can be associated to each mind, every one of them has the potential to create intoxicating literature.

The Ballet of Life

The curtain wakes to coiled innocence, born to the awing eyes of many as it unfurls,Beneath the blanket of crisp silence sits a girl; webbed in white that bleeds in to the darkness,The first chord of the violin cuts in to the stillness and gives rise to her, body curved as though she were a calla lily, buckling under the weight of a dew drop,The performance has begun.A mother’s warmth melts on her skin as she takes her first steps; like an emergent butterfly with paper wings,The espouse of the harp guides her liberty as she elegantly performs a child’s …Read more

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