“PoFacedPoetry" by me, Billy Reynard-Bowness was born suddenly and powerfully on the tenth anniversary of my son’s tragic death, by drowning, when he was just nineteen years old. I wanted to express how my feelings had at once changed yet stayed the same in the ten years since he had passed. As is the way with grief, there were so many conflicting emotions, things I wanted to say but couldn’t speak. Moreover, having no real faith to speak of, I needed to think about how I believed we could ever meet again, and, if so, in what form? Having always been deeply interested in the lyricism of language, I decide to write, to put my feelings into a poem, which became “Chemically Eternal”! Yes, it was cathartic, but, much more than that, it seemed rekindle a flame, an urge to write. Poem after poem needing to be born. Words dancing around and swimming through my conscious and unconscious and I am LOVING it! Born in Lincolnshire but growing up and educated in Huddersfield, I consider myself a Yorkshireman at heart. I am 47 years old, a Pisces, former Legal Executive and sometime bit part actor, and live in the wilds of deepest North Yorkshire with my husband, three dogs and countless chickens. In any spare time, and when my ankylosing spondylitis allows, I enjoy walking in the Yorkshire Dales, travelling, gardening and boating.


Blithely we dance the days away!    Frittering the clock with gossip, spit and chat. To have and to hold; bold, surly and gay,                                 Consuming to get fat.   The tracks of our years devoured; come quick!     As we rail against time; passing faster and scant. Must do and must see; must have. Tick, tick, tick,                               Need replaced by want.   We plot, scheme and plan; fool-proof, so sure!     Each infinite in wisdom, stand firm on solid ground. For chattels and glory we kill and we cure.              Safe and so sound.   Yet fleeting …Read more


Like a domino in a rally Am I part of the team? Am I next in line? Am I to stand or do I fall?   Like a domino in a deck Will I be played? Will I be laid? Will I be noticed at all?   Like a domino on the table Do I fit in? Do I join up? Do I answer the call?   Like a domino shuffled around Can I adapt? Can I settle back in? Can I hold back the gall?   Like a domino in the box Should I feel safe? Should I like …Read more


Fog-grey paint on wood… Sentry! Imprisons willing hostage… Safe! It jars – jams handle door to floor Uterine prison seals hermetic hermit   The fawn as naked innocent born. Cow mother forages for food… To earn! Boy buck lay prone; ears twitch. Waiting to exhale. Wolf pants foul –              turn handle –                       entry permit?   On eves gone by wolf violates fawn. Cow mother oblivious in her providing! Crept in! Kneeled! As fawn feigned sleep… Lupus leered, licked – abused like prey   …Read more


And he stands there. Waits. Left bereft. Disbelieving his dream his nightmare; blinks blinks…thinks. Thinks! No tears; dry. Too dry    to try    to cry. Scratchy; hoarse as his heart; beats. Beats! Bleats. Empty             space.   Blank       bed. Gone; no more – no sight to see – no words… to speak. Quiet. Tranquil. LOUD. DEAFENING! Head-splitting.   And he stands there. ©pofacedpoetry (2018) Billy Reynard-Bowness – all rights reserved


VEGAS                                    Sandra works the slots all day Smoking cigarettes; taking free drinks Feeding the bandits instead of her soul… Knowing it’s daylight, somewhere! Ken throws craps; blackens the Jack Winks sickly at the cocktail waitress Imagines doing things way past his prime… Knowing it’s nighttime, somewhere! Passing hours like their years Bathed in sticky syrup distraction Dismount stool, lurch; pin-prick pupils They meet at the buffet; tepid, bland As their vacation; their marriage Mid-life shape shifting sand!   © pofacedpoetry – Billy Reynard-Bowness (2018) – All rights reserved


Goodbye to nutty Boris You sneaky old Doris David Davis death knell Jumped ship as well Make room for that Hunt Tess really took a punt Giving the sharp Brexit barb To smooth Dom Rennie Raab May has the support of slippery Gove That shifty eel, the slithy trove And crusty fusty Rees-Mogg Emerges from Victorian fog Support to throw behind Johnson Like a puritanical Charles Bronson A great PM he’ll make, Mogg wails Such a teller of tall tales He’s a sop with crazy mop An old Etonian mad fop Too desperate for political ascent A Trump-alike with crispier …Read more


Boris likes to stroke his Mogg Merkel loves a hot Macron David Davis hates to Barnier Keir Starmer gels with Garnier   May adores her slimy Gove While Corbyn woos the Abbott Liz Truss, such angry sourpuss Herself to champion loudly fuss   And Greening’s not for leaning Against the Brexit so opposed Sajid wants a blimp of Trump Which has given Donald the hump   Whilst in the gilt historic chair We’ve a bent partisanal midget Cash grabbing John the squeaker Bercow, how in hell are you still Speaker    Now when speaking of selfish greed Travel, duck houses, …Read more


AWAKE Life is a dream. In dreams’ we exist… For in dreams… We sense We see We hear We feel We taste We smell We fear We love We lust We loathe We triumph We fail We fall We climb We fight We laugh We cry We try We run We stop We hit We hug We bite We kiss We sleep We rest We sing We scream We are hopeful We lose hope We gasp We breathe We hold it We cherish it We hold tight We let go We remember We forget We live We die And it …Read more


“The daily grind is so hard” He whined “Work and raising kids isn’t easy” She opined “Deirdre got your promotion” He snitched “I heard Dave got yours?” She bitched “I hate this damn job” He sighed “So look for another” She cried “Maybe tomorrow” He lied “You’ll do it one day” She lied “Stop tapping your foot” He snapped “Stop looking at her” She flapped “What’s for tea?” He assumed “Why ask me?” She fumed “Can’t believe it’s only Monday” He moaned “If I hear that again…” She intoned “Shall we get a takeaway?” He enlightened “Oh, I love you” …Read more


WALKING WITH MY MATE You pick up the lead like the blade of a knife Gently and tenderly. Quiet with wish to surprise But he hears. An ear pricks. His eyes flash to life He barks; jumps and twirls. Joy impossible to disguise Off we go. Adventure awaits; a walk has begun His tail wildly wagging. He’s pulling. He’s alive He knows for us both a walk is such fun Exercise, fresh air; man and best friend thrive Watching him run, wag and gambol. Sniff other dogs too Chase his stick or his stone; about turn and run back Instinctively …Read more


In the darkness of a tenfoot, still A whisper chokes to life as they Ripple with assignation chill And shake like hand at Operation   She dashes down from Ashby ville He rumbles out from Brumby, to Bite and chew as if nosh chip butty, fill His boots with her, ‘fore steelworks shift   Out Crosby way on window sill Keeps watch the ten-foot ginnel Kid late awake, eyes wide like Grimsby Gill Trembles heavy breathes fast at view   With spray Listerine, morning after pill A lad sees it all from Spencer Ave Fella’s, wives’ oblivious, seek grubby thrill …Read more


HEAD   My drum has perforations; now flawed Mylar parchment once taut on bone Leaks prose; but each metaphor pored Percussive skull reverbs teeming tome   Waning instrument yet waxing lyrical Tympanic threepenny opera still plays Snare split – verbose facial spiracles Whip quick flick of offal; tongue flays   Well weathered but – oh still sensual Um bongo crammed with lyrics learned Skin leathered; worn – still beautiful Spills tales – well told – well earned     ©pofacedpoetry (Billy Reynard-Bowness – 2018 – All rights reserved)


THE BUZZ Humbly bumbly bee quite lovely Psychotic despotic wasp a pain Mumbly fumbly drone so busy Yellow jacket zaps around in vain   Mild mannered stripey. Happy Combs coils of amber honey Perniciouc vicious prat. Zappy Casts cloud o’er day once sunny   Thuggish hymenopter roundly hated Fuzzy buzzy makes summer hearts swell For as a bee in a garden is feted Waspish rascal is wished straight to hell.   ©pofacedpoetry (Billy Reynard-Bowness 2018 – All rights reserved.)


OZARK In the Boondocks of the Ozarks Salty caramel smelt of August Swathes stench of rotten trailer parks Imprisons barren mid-west dust Feral fevered kids a hunting For to cool, shoot up, or drink Arthritic railroad; tie and shunting An old town wretched on the brink Since the cease of mine and logging Depletion of iron lead and zinc As if dead horse for flogging Folks’ futures draining down the sink Some respite in the summer heat RVs; tourists and campers for trails Like blackfly plague pick off the meat Fly fast, escape as another harvest fails Dark currents pepper …Read more

EFILSTEOP (Acrostic)

EFILSTEOP Prosaic Opposite Exudes Tumbling Sonnets   Laconic Infidels Flounder Elsewhere ©pofacedpoetry (2018 Billy Reynard-Bowness – All rights reserved) #vss365 #acrostic #poet #poetlife #pofacedpoetry


MY MATES: Take bread   And spread   With Marmite   Just light   Mush avocado   Top tomato   Egg sliced   Bacon diced       Scoff munch   Yummy brunch!     Then…     Cuppa tea   So heavenly   Hobnob biscuit   That’ll fix it     Dip     Sip       SNOOZE! pofacedpoetry – 2018 – all rights reserved   #loveitorhateit #mymate #marmite #PoFacedPoetry #foodpoet #poetryfood #tea #biscuit #hobnob #snooze


HOUNDS OF HELL CANINE CORRUPTIVES: Eyes afire with malignant desire Tongues steaming fire and brimstone Beasts emerge from satanic quagmire Twin Cerberus’ abscond o’er river Styx, gone To plague on Earth a hellish pyre Bring end of days…eternal jinx!   Do NOT be deceived…. Yap, yap, yawn  Lol pofacedpoetry – 2018 – all rights reserved #dogs #puppies #fluffy #cute #houndsofhell #bob #jack


Deep in the incubus of fantasy As torrid painter makes its art Rips a flash of an epiphany A plaintive whisper of the heart Hobgoblin summer full of slobber Beget febrile reveries unkind As dance character’s macabre A three-ring circus in my mind Each minestrone moldy night When body craves boreal slumbers Akin cat on hot tin roof I fight Dank sog my sleep encumbers Comes morn aft time eternal Half charged at start of day Abscond sodden dreams infernal Tormenting orb is up to play I was hot before I even knew Never really did cool down Too warm …Read more


The new “Abigail’s Party” generation:   Won’t drink tap water! Bottle or spritz Has to be “bubbly” or “fizz”! Just call it what it bloody is! No school disco – High School Prom Hummers & Limos, dresses cost a bomb Can’t cook,won’t cook,dine out posh Must keep up wi ‘t Jones’s, what tosh Hairdressing Queens & Estate Agent Kings Footballer WAG envy, Nando’s for wings Covered with fake tan, nails shine with shellac Twitching curtains, new motor, top Apple Mac Gal’s follow the sister four K’s, God what a farce Ambition to be as big as Kardashian arse! 50p millionaires……. …Read more


WAITING Move as though on castors Swept in to subdued void Pierrot, lacking puppet master Shrunken waxwork melting I rivet in two eyes black blue For a scrap of validation Mirrored tunnel dark chute Deep abysmal contemplation Blether, prattle, jabber on Deaf ears nescient, inattentive Blithely callous their indifference Never yet shall be emotive A flashlight glare, glint? Volt, amp, electric neuron No never see, pulse or breathe Frigid flesh left life extinct.


Oh how I love those ladies The one’s there at the tills They send my soul to Hades Make me want to pop some pills   The shopping scanned, half packed away And still she makes me curse As if she’s never shopped afore today She drawls, now, where’s my purse?   Rifles through her bag, to plunder Hysterically scattering all her wares “Now where did I leave it I wonder” “Aah, I remember, at the bottom of the stairs”   So she has to leave her goods behind And flee back home for that wallet To return at some …Read more


Static crackling ecstatically; manic pop Transistor hissing and spitting; sideboard atop First when there’s nothing… But a slow glowing dream…   Pirouette such as whirling dervish makes Adolescent prancer twirls; leg warmer fakes All alone I have cried… Silent tears full of pride…   Breathless incantation; future forged in dance Performance fascination; leap upon the chance What a feeling… Bein’s believing…   Neon flashes bedeck wrists and bonce Peers laughter flash like fire; a ponce Take your passion… And make it happen…   The music shields, deflects. Antacid; taunts abate Rhyhmic dreamer energized; blind to all the hate Pictures come …Read more


It’s too bloomin’ hot to bear It’s far too humid, no air I’m sweating, wet through Forehead beaded with salty dew   I can’t breathe it’s so sticky Going out I feel too icky Like walking through soup Choke on the hot air, inhaling gloop   I haven’t slept for a week Like a drunkard I speak It’s horrid, just simply be gone It’s utterly too hot for life to go on   The roads they are melting Railways bending and smelting The moors roaring away on fire Park your car, pop, say goodbye to your tyre   We love …Read more


Each spring I awaken and I urge Tender shoots through the cold barren ground Then the warmth of the sun helps me purge ‘Til my buttery custard flowers do abound   A few short months I sit there and wave At the smiles of the many passers-by The leas, edges and road that I pave Bring about many a light, happy sigh   Then all at once it appears I am gone That I shrink back, wither and die All the hard work finished and done My existence, it seems, was a lie   When in fact I’ve just gone …Read more


At once you feel it, stop, perform an about turn Something behind you, into your back its eyes burn You shiver and shake, rub the hairs on your arms No-one there, but the goose bumps, the sweat on your palms   Carry on walking, swift, humming out loud Desperate now to find yourself deep in a crowd You are sure you can hear it, a breath, a refrain Who is, who follows you home once again   It has happened before, in fact quite a few nights A shadow appears in the glow of streetlights It is gone by the …Read more


When we stepped out from the shadows Showed the world of what we’re made Spoke loud with love our marriage vows Cementing a love that would never fade   Hand in hand we walk together That’s the way it’s always been From now until the twelfth of never Me on you, you on me can always lean   We’ve spent years laughing away worries Missed countless hours of news Finishing one others stories Each needing no other muse   So, at fifteen years and counting Wishing countless more ahead Creating memories that keep on mounting We’ll be together until we’re …Read more


Differing shades of the same family, some would say One hated, distrusted, the others beauty immortal The butterfly is the good girl, lovely and gay The moth the bad boy who pupated in borstal   Though both from hungry caterpillars develop The difference, at once subtle yet massive Ominous moth for the dark side it’s lust does envelop Feminine butterfly to the light flies, pretty and passive   As the beautiful butterfly strives for the light So the nocturnal moth does, but only when dark Dazzling colours and flashes of the flutterby in flight Moth, the sinister prophet of doom, …Read more


A moment of extinction The outing of a flame The second you slammed the door Doused the rage of blame   When we met, like a volcano Passion impossible to contain Endorphins flooding flesh and blood Coursing lust through every vein   Such heat, desire and need Seeped out of every pore But a fire, burn, so insatiable Exploding deep from red raw core   Is time limited, must peter out Has only so much fuel to drink Unless more juice is added Brings the hottest love to the brink   And so it came to pass, it did When …Read more


Healthy dish and oily fish Asparagus and salad mix Red onion and celery sticks What I really want’s a Twix! Diet plate and losing weight Pureed soup and chick pea Low GI Fruit and beetroot What I really want’s a Toffifee   Sugar free and green tea Sliced raw veg and low fat dip Steamed cous cous and quinoa What I really want’s a Walnut Whip   No bread, no spread and cheese No cider, lager, gin or wine No deep pan pizza or vindaloo What I really want’s a Daim/Dime   No pie, no pate, no eggy bread No …Read more


Two bold, audacious women As different as they were akin Red hair, long locks a flowin’ But in life still yet to win   One married but to an asshole The other messed around by her guy So they planned a mountain bolthole Two nights under clear starlit sky   They set off on their road trip Convertible, roof down, wind in hair Stopped at a southern roadhouse, sip Wild Turkey and Tequila in that lair   The result, a drunken Thelma, out In the car park, in a real bad place With a rapist, a thug; “bitch” shouts As …Read more


I heard it before I ever did see A shiver prickling, me to chide I jumped up before it hit me And I found somewhere to hide   Like an Exocet missile, buzz Determined and hungry to feed Fight through hair and beard fuzz Stab my skin, it’s dinner to bleed   Fight or flight, action to take Battle wage, act like a man Hear it pulsing, beeline to make Then all quiet, it’s gone…DAMN   Smack! It found me, hot dang Flushed me out like a rat Went for my throat, bang Mosquito, you blood-sucking gnat!


BOOM! Crash! Bang!   Thunderstorm! Hallelujah! Praise!   Dark skies black as ink Bring it on, heavens open Thick gloopy plops of rainy drink Lawn and plant, soak it up and in thirsty zen Stand upright, stop that stoop. Reach for the sky again   Grow and strengthen, wide and lengthen, stems with liquid filled   Storm has passed, sky is dry, blue as azure sapphire, done its job for now   Grass will grow, turn green from brown. Rain dance worked. I’m glad the rain I willed


There’s more than just the one Clapham Not only the big ugly one down South The one up North, in’t Dales as it happens Much sought out by walkers, word of mouth   Them to challenge, no mean feat nor heaven sent Infamous in this land, many oft of them do speak Mighty Whernside, Ingleborough and Pen Y Ghent Climb them, do it, and conquer those three peaks   What to say about Malham? Quaint Janet’s Foss, it’s world famous cove Nestled cosy in its self-named dale, ain’t It a special northern treasure trove   ‘Til all at once the …Read more


Many days I drove a road Many time’s I passed a dwelling Many hours I admired that abode Many months I wished it for selling   The cottage was old and set back Red brick, model style, with a porch Not a thing, to my mind, did it lack It’s image on my heart I did scorch   There was a well, a well, a very old well Set across from the house in a copse Picture postcard and lovely as a dell Framed by lime trees with lofty old tops   One day I drove a road One day …Read more


Too warm to blog Life’s a sticky slog Too humid to write Sweating all night Pissed off and hot Tired eyes, bloodshot My art is done Killed by the sun The dogs tongues out Laid low doing nowt If they just lie Then so will I Grump, loll on settee Snappy sod all sweaty As if stuck in a bog Panting like a dog I think to move Myself to prove That I can cope To th’ kitchen I lope Get a cold drink About cooking I think The will is there But it’s not fair My brain won’t work …Read more


NHS – A POEM                                                                               Bring to me your broken down                                                 Your rattling and cracked Send me all your fractured hearts The pains, the sprains and smarts   Deliver to me your wounded Your tortured mentally, alone Pass to me your elderly infirm The babies born before their term   Rush to me your weak of will Your dependant, addicted and lost Blow to me those down on their knees The drunk, morose, self-inflict injuries   Laugh with me at human things Your odd accidents and stories Triage with me as I tend the wound Make you better than …Read more


Blood red fields are washed On once pre-disturbed land Where armies once clashed And left so many men damned Where the earth has been turned Tilled, dug out or turmoil A new army it yearned For control of the soil This brave regiment anew Which would command all it saw Lift the soul as it grew And left its audience in awe As it waved and saluted Provoked comment and mention From the ground so polluted Poppies stand to attention Though not always from tragic Circumstances dark and sad Poppies spring up like magic And make old hearts feel glad


A shiver creeps right through the house Searching hard for a spine so to tingle It scuttles and darts around like a mouse Hunting just for the right soul to single… Out for its attention, upon which to blow That cold icy breath, to make shudder and shake The one that it settled on never will know Why they felt such a fear when not even awake For it found them and used them Wrapped and smothered their skin Pricked and tickled their body, during deep REM A dream frigid and sharp and as bitter as gin Yes the terror …Read more


HAIKU: Rain peppers dry land        A worm urges upwards to Drink and take a bath   ©pofacedpoetry (2018 – Billy Reynard-Bowness – All rights reserved)


ENTITLED? You were not mine To give Away – but I did; Present you To your past And Prevent your Future Lived. ©pofacedpoetry (Billy Reynard-Bowness 2018 – All rights reserved)


The rose that fails to bloom May not be ready The one who dies too soon Found life too heady The bird that fails to thrive May not be ready Too young to stay alive Strong willed but yet unsteady And the life lived for the longest May not be ready To no longer be the strongest And be swallowed by the eddy


Giddy was my heart That day you came to stay Giddy were my guts  That day you went away Giddy were my legs That day we walked for miles Giddy was my head  As they turned off all the dials Giddy was my body Sick, heaving, heavy like lead Giddy tortured was my soul As I accepted you were dead


If life is just what takes place Whilst you’re busy making plans Then is death a total blank space Culmination of a meaningless trance If we’re told to make the best of it To takes life as it comes Is there point in crawling out the pit Building family and happy homes For without the certain knowledge Of a reason, big grand scheme Are we not best off keeping to the edge And letting others steal the scene I think not, and here is why, my friend Because we all only get one chance To try our best, enjoy, as …Read more


Tick tock, went the clock Tap tap, went his feet Glares stares, in the dock Justice, judge began to mete   Sick shock, gaze at navel Stop stop! About to tell Bang bang, went the gavel Take him to the cell   Clunk clink, what a stink Clang clang, went the door Crap trap, in the clink Laid out on the floor   Sigh cry, stupid boy Ding dong, went the bell Drugs mugs, not a toy End up in a living hell   Loud proud, in his gang Bad mad, big hard lad Grassed fast, on him they sang …Read more


She wasn’t much maternal Didn’t coo, and ooh, and aww No chance she would be vernal We were hoping for a thaw   But when she fell with child And knew, and grew, and saw Her baby meek and mild She was smitten to the core   For now she was a mother Nobody would put asunder Her child alike no other Her heart and soul he’d plunder   She felt a swell, a surge of love Like nothing before had touched her At him did stare, her he did move Like Madonna she was mother   The hormones had …Read more


My love, my darling, the day has finally come After so long, our splendid time spent dating Now all the finishing touches are done In their finery our guests are waiting   So we’ll meet once again at the end of the aisle This love that i found so amazing Speak loud, proud and with a big joyous smile Into your beautiful eyes I’ll be gazing   As we speak them, our vows, emotions run high Because we chose them, believe them, mean them forever They will bind us together, make us dynamic, and tie Our hearts, souls and bodies …Read more


Why won’t the weight wait Why must it quickly gain Why rolls it on my hips like freight Or like a hippo slain   Why can’t I find it easy to lose As I did to make me swell Why am I huge, like a moose Instead of light like a gazelle   I suspect the answer’s out there On that I have no worry Spend too long in my chair Quaffing tons of wine and curry   That’s probably the reason More on my feet should stand But I’ll blame it on the season Or on my thyroid gland …Read more


An onyx black lace of liquorice Snakes and winds toward the horizon Tempting those with will to travel, and wish For adventure, that their lives they enliven   As the path we make by walking, leads Us where we need to be, to do, and must Then the road we take when driving, feeds Us heady, hungry, filled with travel lust   Each road has many stories, told From present creeping back to past Every corner, turned, a sight to behold Memories created, filed away, amassed   Alike the Sphynx road riddles, time flies How far you come, the miles …Read more


GONE! You existed; lived simply to love me At least that’s the way I thought Until the ghost of you no longer see Made bereft and left me overwrought   I thought I was all that mattered Was your centre; your whole life Your own hopes and dreams shattered When you became my wife   You did your job. You kept me happy Catered and bowed to all my needs But me like a greedy puppy. Yappy Selfishly caused your soul to bleed   The more you seemed to do and give The more I grappled to take The fact …Read more


One day in life everything was good Before ending that day went dark Bad, sad, mad. A shroud of a mood Descended on the river, enveloped the park   A decade, that day, took a life far too soon When a lapse, a bad move, brought death Ripping open my life and outing my moon My son, dead on my lap, cold on the heath   A person, a soul, an angel, my lad But another angle to take gives some hope An outlook, a science, an ethos, I’m glad Gave my head and my heart a small way to …Read more

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