Penny Pepper


Penny Pepper, a long-time writer and inclusive arts activist, faced years of discrimination for exploring disability in her genre-defying work. She wrote the taboo-breaking book Desires- published 2003, reissued as an eBook, Desires Reborn, 2012. Currently completing her 80's memoir, First in the World Somewhere, and her unique novel Fancy Nancy.

Uncle’s Gold Pen

I stare. The pen is on the table. I haven’t seen it for so many years. It glints as the sun dances through the window.    My eyes are transfixed. Uncle’s gold pen. A blackbird sings, and I jolt myself back.    I click on my wheelchair and go closer. I dart my hand forward and the sun hits my skin. Sparks waltz around the pen, but I can’t make myself touch it yet.    Uncle wasn’t a real uncle. He was Mum’s man friend. He visited when dad left, as he often did. Dad yelled hate:that we dragged him …Read more

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