I wrote plays and short stories in my teens and 20s (won Edinburgh Uni Short Story comp, had a play performed in Edinburgh Fringe via the Scottish Youth Theatre). Then had very long hiatus in creative writing while bringing up a daughter with disabilities, and have only returned to my own work in the last couple of years, concentrating on short stories and plays (plus some poetry). I had two short plays in a show at the 2015 Brighton Festival Fringe, nominated for Brighton & Hove Independent Award. I was long-listed for the 2013 Bridport Prize Flash Fiction category, and shortlisted for the 2015 international Erbacce Prize for poetry. 

Night Flight

Above Montana, bushfire memory: badlands, sodbusters, black hats. It’s all black now, high high above an archipelago of cinders, scattered prairie constellations, inverted heavens. A single dot of light, a fallen star, pulses on the giant wing, keeping me up, untouchable. You are as out of reach, half-way across a planet. In my theory, distance shrinks and curls to nothing. In my theory, I am entangled, separate but imprinted for once having been together. The treble-7 hastens towards its distant place, thoughts crackling, whispering delta lima tango. Gravity’s beaten. Other forces shiver. Our strings search for a unified theory: light, …Read more

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