Janina most often uses a collage approach to her work over a broad range of disciplines: fine art; photography; illustration; textiles; several different crafts; and the written & spoken word: all of which she does for fun; for herself, for others, and for the therapeutic benefits of doing something she loves.

Touch the Thing Your’re Afraid Of

O , no! Here it comes:  it’s time Shield-face; spear-chin; horned head – colour of earth and death Drum-heart- beating-beating pulsating- shaking-matted cloak   Touchit – touch the thing that scars you most. Put your hand into the fire – Smoke out doubt – go on – do it -do it- do it   Or many hands will take your arm – and pull that arm until it feels the heat of all things you’ve avoided – until now.   There’s no excape. No turning back. You cannot call a halt or stop the thrashing peristalsis of hands   that …Read more

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