Michael Strevens

I have always been a creative person, in my school days, essays would often have drawings inserted in them to bulk out the essay. I loved the art department, photography was my main subject, in the sixth form I helped build a darkroom and a cinema for the school. I would teach the 1st year pupils in my spare lessons. On leaving school, I so wanted to go to art school but my parents could not afford it. I started work with my Dad doing carpentry, Iā€™m a quick learner and settled into working life fairly easily. My Dad used to make walking sticks for a hobby and I got interested and decided to have a go. I would carve dragons and wood spirits. We joined the British Stick makers Guild and started going to competitions. I came 4th in the national competitions in my first year. All through this though the photography ticked over in the background. In 2010 my wife bought me a digital SLR which re-ignited my interest in the subject. I invested in Photoshop in 2012 and have slowly been learning how to use this formidable piece of software. This brings me to now and my digital drawings. Update 2015. I am studying an advanced diploma in photography and an online Photoshop course called, AWAKE living the (Photo)-artistic life. Both courses are challenging and really making me think about my craft. I have an amazing mentor and friend who also helps my development. In late 2016 I joined the Kaizen group, which is formed from the top 500 artists in the Awake class, again raising my development.

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