Maurice Burleigh

I am a writer.

I Wanna

I wanna tear Rap MCs in pieces. Flush them in the toilet, because they’re faeces.Thesis?  Endangered species. Message to my challengers; I’m of a very high calibre.What are you thinking? Drinking? Your confidence will be sinking, linking me to a sharp shooter. I’ll compete sitting on a scooter, while listening to songs from Luther.Vandross, that’s a sad loss. I’ll end …

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This is my preamble. Battling me lyrically is a fatal gamble. I love to make my foes dangle,Especially when they try to scramble. Determination is my criterion to make millions. I battle like a Syrian however, I look like a Nigerian. When I rhyme, I’m like a raging lion in a pen. Rap MCs challenge me, I’m instantly killing many men! Amen! Brief …

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A Stranger’s Love

M-odern living has most people rapacious. I-nterest in a stranger’s well-being is audacious. S-et backs can easily surface if others are mendacious. S-hould society talk negatively when youths become pugnacious? J-ourneys are a reflection of who we meet. U-niversally, favours go to the elite. L-uck or god’s grace provided a place to stay and food …

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