Mary ODwyer


I am a writer.

Her Necklace

Those fat irregular beads Hang down her neck Like cold stones. A string of glass eyes winking, Begging to stay awake. All vying for the optimum position: The centre. The breast bone: Where my favourite bead sits (She doesn’t know which one this is.) It is special It is mine It is slightly to the left Near the heart. Featured in ‘A Coat of Blanket Dreams’ available to buy from Creative Future

We Built A Table

Delivered to you, I was in bits. I had no framework, no boundaries. You provided me with a base That we could build upon. I had no legs to stand on. You propped me up and supported me; The weight was on your shoulders. I thought I was hard and strong — You saw through my transparency, You uncovered my veneer; You chiselled through my deepest layers To the soft and pliable wood. I was wobbling, cracking, splitting, nuts. I wanted to bolt away. Life seemed dark and dingy, ebony; Blocked and never ending. You discarded my decaying rot, You …Read more

A Snapshot

Bring me into focus. Zoom me in if you must. Adjust me so that I fit into your mind’s eye. Steady. Now you’re ready Picture me inside. Not too much exposure— Keep everything light. Right, You’ve got me where you want me Hold me tight. Now press the shutter down. Let’s go into the dark room. Switch off all the lights. Dip me in your solution Until I come out right. Featured in ‘A Coat of Blanket Dreams’ available to buy from Creative Future

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