Mark Ward


I have always enjoyed writing poetry and have recently completed my first book. It is a compilation of flashbacks from my life, expressed in poetry with short accompanying explanations. It covers some of the issues and challenges I have faced while coping with abuse and mental illness. I believe my story is a positive one and I hope it will be of some benefit to others who have been or are going through times in their lives which are similar to mine.


Your kisses leave their emptiness on my lips And I tighten my grasp about you for a moment Then reluctantly loosen my grip   My eyes take refuge in the sky For it never sleeps But it can only imagine my pain As a church bell weeps   There are too many words that are left unspoken Each one more wounding than the next I let them build up with the seal unbroken And my heart is heavy with regrets   A moth leaves its kisses on a velvet dress As the scent of her leaves on its dusty wings And …Read more

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