I love to read and have developed through that my own characters and stories. Reading is food for your imagination and I often find myself thinking of lavish imagery in my mind which needs to be translated through words. Its escapism!I have been practicing writing in my own time and the course with Creative future helped me hone those basic skills. Sheila has been the most enthusiastic course tutor, encouraging and very supportive throughout.

The Rescue

Inadvertently, destroying carefully built sand castles, I darted through the beach goers towards the ocean.  I snatched the Rescue Buoy from my back and propelled it into the water. Legs, high like a lizard running over hot sand, straddled the incoming waves. The sounds of the beach faded and were replaced by the surge of the ocean.  I gasped great lung fulls of air as every wave hit, searching all the time for the people who needed me.”Help! ….Here!” The good Samaritan screamed out.I had heard it, but the sun danced on the expanse of blue making me squint and …Read more

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