Loop.Coop is a new kind of cooperative. We use emerging web technologies, live events and collaborative creativity to explore unexpected ways of making music. We’re based in Brighton and are currently participating in the Fusebox 24 programme at Wired Sussex, where we’ve been developing our first offering, Looptopia… What is Looptopia? Looptopia is Loop.Coop's first creation. It is a strange and beautiful app where you can sculpt music visually, jam in real time, and immerse yourself in an otherworldly musical experience. Enter an interactive 3D world inhabited by the music loving Looptopians. They need your help to turn their empty planet into a thriving musical habitat… but you’re not in it alone. This is a new breed of multiplayer creative app, where thousands of users can collaborate in real time. You can listen to other users’ tunes, build up a collection of sounds you like, and compose a tune of your own — with no musical training required. In this world, colour is pitch, shape is voice. Sculpt out beautiful sound sculptures, and leave them there for others to discover. Each tune becomes a permanent feature of the landscape, as we fill Looptopia with music.

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