Jilliana Ranicar-Breese

Hails from Liverpool decades ago and is proud of her Heritage!  Today she is a Life Writer/Memoir/Autobiography Writer and Facilitator/Mentor/Broadcaster on 'Your Voice Matters' - Brighton and Hove Community Radio on Fridays at noon reading 'Jilliana's Vignettes' - Episodes from her colourful and synchronistic life. Gastro slow traveller/photographer (faces and places). Interviewer/raconteur/storyteller/conversationalist. Travel consultant/Senior Reviewer (level 6) for TripAdvisor)/Editorial Consultant for foreign publications/websites in English/Linguist, who can lead women's Life writing groups at Home or Abroad in French, Italian and Spanish. Have ticket will travel!  Jilliana has experience in Mental Health. She has healed herself through the power of writing and firmly believes writing IS Therapy. She writes what she says and says what she writes! www.Jilliana.com  

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