Jason Nicholas Smith


Through the medium of written and spoke word poetry my work is an expression of inner understandings gained from 20 years living a monastic lifestyle between the walls of prison. My poetry is a collective coalescing connecting mental illness, fear, life, wisdom, struggle, survival, inspiration and the beauty of life. Since leaving prison Jason has performed at the National Theatre and received a platinum award from Koestler Trust.

Coinage of Time

Coinage of Time I look out of my window and dream what I should see cloudless skies and butterflies in a place I long to be. There’s a meadow full of colour which shady trees surround, with a river running through it where ducks and geese abound, grasshoppers click amongst the reads, swallows soar before they dive, this is where I long to be, where the whole world is alive! But all I see is rooftops, of some distant city street and I can only glimpse of them by standing on a toilet seat! Four small walls enclose me, payment …Read more

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