Jasmine Sharif

I am a writer and I have been on Creative Future's Museum Tales course.

The Naughty Chair

It would make a wonderful naughty chair. It’s huge and wide-seated andmade of barbed wire. And I would love to see my most hated teacher fromschool sit down on it as a punishment. She was a boho who skimmeddown corridors leaving long colourful delicate scarves floating in herwake. And yet, she would have had us …

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The Pharaoh’s Daughter

I know that I could not live the afterlife without my belly-dance belt. I wouldbe buried with it still faintly jingling round my now still waist. I wouldwant to take its music with me: “She shall have music wherever she goes.”It’s the way I live my life now, why should I not have heavenly gracenotes …

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