Jasmine Sharif


I am a writer and I have been on Creative Future's Museum Tales course.

The Naughty Chair

It would make a wonderful naughty chair. It’s huge and wide-seated andmade of barbed wire. And I would love to see my most hated teacher fromschool sit down on it as a punishment. She was a boho who skimmeddown corridors leaving long colourful delicate scarves floating in herwake. And yet, she would have had us “ooh” and “aaah” at the chair as agreat invention. With her, we had to worship the twentieth century.“Well, worship that, Teach!”I can see the big red “O” of her mouth in a huge howl of pain as big asthe chair. I step back and admire …Read more

The Pharaoh’s Daughter

I know that I could not live the afterlife without my belly-dance belt. I wouldbe buried with it still faintly jingling round my now still waist. I wouldwant to take its music with me: “She shall have music wherever she goes.”It’s the way I live my life now, why should I not have heavenly gracenotes with me hereafter? The Future Century People opening my tomb would see rows of coins carved with faces on a chain of silver, with crystal droplet beads hanging from each coin in the current Cairo style, just likethe ones laid out in the bazaars off …Read more

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