Janette Bryan


Janette Bryan was born in London, in 1967, to Jamaican parents. She is a Peer Mentor for MIND and offers peer support at The Lighthouse in Hove. Janette's unique poetry explores the language she grew up with-a mixture of patois and English- and tackles what it is like to be the youngest child of nine, to have an extremely religious mother, and to deal with both MS and mental health issues.

Ain’t Gonna

Ain’t gonna let them bring me downOr dictate to me I ain’t freeCoz my life’s in my own hands nowAnd I’m choosing who I shall beAin’t gonna suppress my words no moreTo keep them from being blamedCoz I was the one that hit the floorTo stop them from being framedSee I ain’t scared ofthose lost souls any moreAnd actually they’re not real ghostsThey were ghouls I let live inside ofmeAn at last I’m learning to be meCoz I ain’t gonna be held down no moreOr feel I have to quitAnd I ain’t gonna be how they wanted me to beBecause …Read more

Tripping On My Own Shadow

A why yu a tan up like man soWith yu legs a spread out a doorMi dress yu like a yung ohmanA why yu must be so dyamn bad?IfI stand with my legs close togetherI feel I will fall and hit the groundIt makes me feel all light headedI’ve told you this beforeA why school a say yu so clumsyDat yu a trip an noting is dere?Dem seh yu a trip pon yu own shadowJus pick hup yu foot when yu a walkI don’t fall over my own shadowI do pick up my feet when I walkMy left foot knows …Read more

Leggo Beas!

Yu cuda knock me don wida fedherDe way she a walk bout pon streetDat gyal a notin to look ponShe a dyamn blasted leggo beasElp, sombady cyal de policeA me man she a try tief– choopsLaud, he a cross de street toward herHe na see mi a hide don de streetMi a cyatch yu, yu dyamn blasted liarYu did say yuah going to teach.Laud, look weh him a put him handHe wan go soak dem in bleach.“Mi na wid no ohman, no sahMi a free as free cyan beCome les go round de cyarnaMi av somtin dat gwan mek yu …Read more

LaudMe God

Laud me God, a yu dat derSitting pon yu fada chairA yu de one he buy it faA yu bring it ina ere?Laud me God, yu pickney demGwan mek me blood run dryYuah run aroun like hooliganGo sit yu batty donLaud me God, tap making noiseYou want de neighbours hear?Tap ya crying, go bade yu kinBefore me lick yu kin (again)

World OfJust Pretend

I wish I was a white girlWith long flowing blonde hairInstead ofthis thick mop I’ve gotSitting on top hereLet’s play at being white girls, SisHere’s a towel, here take itWe’ll put a hair band cross the topAnd swish it round our earsNo one will even noticeAnd we’ll be treated real fairWe’ll get lots ofbirthday invitesFrom those kids who never caredWe’ll fit right inWe could even be twinsIn our world ofjust pretendI wish I had a dollyAnd she had a lovely pramI’d push her roundAnd feel real proudWhilst going round the townHer hair is blonde and curlyHer complexion is real clearMy …Read more

Dem Belly Full But Dem Ungary

Yu belly full and yu still a cryA wat yu tink dis is?Mi go to wok an just come inNa let mi bus yu kinMi wok real hardTo keep dis placeSo yu cyan live in peaceMi cook nufffoodFor un nu demAn yu wan more fe eatGo find somtin yu need to doAn tap yu holleringMi jus com inMi na wan to hearYu watless pickney tears

De Devil E A Busy Man

De devil e a busy manHe mek wok fi idle handYu na have notin to gwan do?He gwan com fe yuYu gwan get judge by de fren yu a keepWho hang bout pon streetYu know dem know yu is fi miNa badda vex me kinYu nah gwan drag me nyame don tooYu wicked lickle tingSo gwan find somting an doBefore me bun yu kin

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