My writing is very personal and draws from both my own life experiences and those of others who have inspired me. I’m mainly a songwriter but am now also starting a series of short stories and would describe my writing as pretty dark but still positive!

No 47

No 47. A retired midwife takes creation to another dimension No. 47. Distinctly apathetic amongst a row of cookie-cutter houses, it stood- long-stretched- heavy and overcast. It was still- a staunch refusal to participate in what others may describe as ‘normal life’. This was made apparent not only by the haphazard fashion in which it was presented (for instance- a myriad of discarded fishing rods crudely bound together with string that were acting as a makeshift gutter) – but more so by the individual that was currently sat in the dimly-lit basement – carefully taking apart yet another disused contraption in the hopes …Read more


Rain fell, as it washed away the day’s sins. On a deserted street corner, hidden between a medley of discarded cardboard boxes lay a dolls house- tattered and worn. Standing at 3 stories high, it had clearly seen better days, although on close inspection, it was obvious that it had-at least at some point in its life- been beautiful. In this house lived a doll. She, like the house that she inhabited was not in the best condition- not least because she had been battling against the elements for quite some time- a feat that neither house nor doll were fully prepared. A few streets along, 3 …Read more

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