Grumbling Gargoyle


My studies in psychology, psychoanalysis, sociology and criminal law were most useful in substantiating my obsession with the darker side of the human psyche and much of my writing reflects this. My interests mostly lie in occult philosophy, mythology, parapsychology, archaeology, Egyptology, humour and pickled onions. As a keen activist for mental health awareness and having performed a stand-up comedy routine in aid of the 'Stand Up To Stigma' campaign, I am in in the process of writing a play, the aim of which is to fuse the comedy aspect with the reality behind the laughter. This is in the hope that it helps to reduce the discrimination attached to mental health issues.Darkness and Decaqdence was my first book in a poetry series for Wallace Publishing. Whilst continuing to work with verse, I'm also busy (slowly) writing my first novel. Inspired bya passion for cemeteries and the delightful residents thereof, this will be a tale of horror, heartache, hilarity, and hopefully a dead good read!

Dark Skies

Dark Skies Dark skies hung as heavy As a fat dog’s sweaty belly When Arthur took her hand outside the abattoir. And to the tune of doom filled moos Arthur bit his lip and shuffled his shoes Before asking Mary if she would be his girl A gas light flickered into life At the gas lamp lighting mans first strike Adding dancing shadows to Mary’s blushing cheeks And as Arthur waited for a yea or nay With a half chewed lip and a nervous sway A stray dog paused to pee upon his leg Pretending that she hadn’t seen Arthur’s …Read more

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