Dion Hitchings


I was born in Saint Louis, Missouri where I took up drawing at the young age of three years old. From there, I went on to study Fine Arts at Washington University. After graduating and moving to New York City, I worked for Bloomingdales, Avon and Saks Fifth Avenue. After living through several tragedies, I embraced my love for art and resumed the passion that I once had as a child. Thus, I regained my career as a full time artist.I describe my artwork as childlike, colourful, self-revealing, erotic, funny, strange and lots of eyes. My inspirations come from many places – people I see and work with, dreams, the garden, news, guests on the Jerry Springer show, my American Indian heritage, movies and sex. I use only children’s art supplies – crayons, highlighters, magic markers, collage, coloured pens and the spirograph.Artists that have influenced me over the years are Jean Michael Basquait, Aubrey Beardsley, Peter Max, Toulouse-Lautrec,Gustav Klimt and the illustrator Alan Cober.

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