David Paton

David Paton has suffered from mental health difficulties for about twenty years. He has written poems and lyrics during this period as a way of gathering his thoughts and, hopefully, making some sense of his experiences. 'The Little-Bang' is his first prize winning poem and his second to be published.


Death Be not black Be brim with hues Of lime, plum Grey and raspberry   Be dots And glints Be stripes of russet Faded-gold Aquamarine   Be flame- red feathered Turquoise Yellow Crazy (Like a tapestry)   Be what you are Absolved Aware In trust Atoned Serene.


Time is a wrinkle That, extends a little when you smile It’s finite and empirical I hope it wends for many miles.

The Little-Bang

A trace of bloodshed on my hands I share my father’s dopey-eyes I’m certified politely- mad But, sadly, I just can’t quite cry   A twinkle in my mother’s womb I hope that when I die I’ll know Until then I’ll nurse my wounds A spark begat ex nihilo   The alpha and the omega …

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