Damian German

Damian’s frenzied and sometimes instantaneous approach to art is a difficult combination. His artistic interpretations turn the small detailing of everyday subjects to those aspects which are more flamboyant and dramatic. Damian expresses pain, pleasure, fear and shame in his work, and his ideas are very much original. He finds his long term medication causes dazzling displays within his art. Working with several charities, his story has unfolded many times through the collection of works. Damian creates atmosphere in his paintings that are full of depth and colour. These images resemble the flowing landscapes of his native Northamptonshire, and the hot sea air of West Palm Beach and the promenades of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Damian is no stranger to taking on deeper and meaningful subjects in his art, leaving no stone unturned where taboo is concerned. Simply put: art has no boundaries.

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