I create natural healing art forms in recycled materials, paints and sculpture. I enjoy coming up with my own original compositions and developing them from collage and photography. I have been in the marginalised art scene for 18 years doing various community projects as well as achieving an art foundation diploma. I have run my own art studio for marginalised artists and now attend Art Space in Brighton. I’ve showcased in cafes and open houses.

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People try to dominate the conversations so there not free one up man ship programme helped strengthen my truth to be said and believed in What do you see? Really? What everyone else sees or individuality it’s ease and practically nothing of any magical insighting foresighting belief system of inner growth and continuation amongst others seeking the truth beyond wildest dreams inner depth Light and counciousness comes from heartIs language counciousness? Certainly not everything counciousness is. It’s like something’s heart is running time forward flash lightening in a machine- lets slow it right down and put an end to this …Read more

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