Christiane Tuoto


I am Brazilian. I was born and grew up in Curitiba in a cultural and artistic environment based around ideas of recycling. As a child I had a flair for art in general, thanks to my father who was an advertising billboard designer. At 8 years old, I was awarded with the First Prize in a painting contest. I was fitted with a pacemaker and as a result was unable to work. This meant I had more time to be creative, and I started to value my life dedicating my time to sculptures made from recycled material. I create little statues of famous artists like Frida Kahlo and Picasso, and I usually make abstract artworks using paint sprayed on cardboard. I have started to showcase my work occasionally during cultural festivals in my town, thanks to a local art critic who saw my work on Facebook. My paintings are often seen as ‘God like’ and the abstract genre refers to a cosmic and harmonic vision of shapes and colours that let the viewer find their own interpretation.

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