I am a user of my imagination I portray emotion in my work in terms of what I draw and the end result. It is interesting to provoke emotions and feelings in the observer I am not trying to make the observers mind up for him /her, the sole purpose is to engage with the observer through the work I do. I hope for positive emotions to be seen by the observer, and an uplifting set of feelings.


I wander slowly through tall trees I am the shoulders of a light winter breeze I am the sound all diminishing I see you cry all alone, I am the want in your tearful eyes I am the light in the summer sunshine I am the bite of a night’s, come to me please I …

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The Story

It’s time the story was told, How life can be so bold, It’s time for it to be known It’s time, that you were shown It’s not in the reading of the story you see? It’s what you recollect from the summary It’s not the hitting of the nail in the wood It’s what the …

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