I am a user of my imagination I portray emotion in my work in terms of what I draw and the end result. It is interesting to provoke emotions and feelings in the observer I am not trying to make the observers mind up for him /her, the sole purpose is to engage with the observer through the work I do. I hope for positive emotions to be seen by the observer, and an uplifting set of feelings.

The Story

It’s time the story was told,How life can be so bold,It’s time for it to be knownIt’s time, that you were shownIt’s not in the reading of the story you see?It’s what you recollect from the summaryIt’s not the hitting of the nail in the woodIt’s what the nail, holds up, understood?!The meaning is so fragile, it’s so delicateBut I think there’s a book about it,From Connecticut!!


I wander slowly through tall treesI am the shoulders of a light winter breezeI am the sound all diminishingI see you cry all alone, I am the want in your tearful eyesI am the light in the summer sunshineI am the bite of a night’s, come to me pleaseI could bring you down to your kneesI am in the hills as you stareBut I am good, I can never catch your unawares!Be comforted for I am there.


Oh love sick Romeo Why are you in such sorrow It’s not for you the blackened night For the glory of love should be your sight Because your star which shines so bright In yours alone, it gives you might Be not a pawn in this cold and lonely night But be a dream which only you can ignite The dream alone which we all live for Should be the same for which we would die for Forget not these words full of dark and light For they in their wisdom may show you how to fight So God bless …Read more

Prince Happy

Prince Happy gets everything he wants Prince Happy doesn’t worry about the cost Prince Happy is very true and kind Prince Happy he really doesn’t mind Prince Happy he cares for you a lot Prince Happy is really all we’ve got

The Tramp

Walking , uttering words in an incoherent code Traipsing along to a well-known song That he’s sung a thousand times before. Remembering what he was, about, four years or thereabouts As the night light flickers on his shadow He enters an enormous meadow He rests his head once more Thinking, what does tomorrow have in store?

To life with love

Chances Glances Midnight Romances Find your way and you’ll win the day. It’s a choice to be in ecstasy For all your tomorrows Read a lot more than your sorrows The wind is easterly, this is your destiny Be true to it as it is your gift.

Blink of an Eye

What do you see in the blink of an eye Is it really you? Was that the story ‘that was left unexplained’? Whenever I think of you Flicking through our book there’s words unsaid All that I can say is that, Yes it’s true. The blink of an eye, a sigh of expression Is all I have. Blanks where words should have been All I can say is, Yes it’s true. Talk is only words expressed in a sort of way That may agree with you But a blink of an eye, a sigh of expression May explain what needs …Read more

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