Andrzej Lyszkowicz

Andrzej Lyszkowicz was in born in 1970 in the Mazurian Lake District of Poland. He took his MA in American Literature at the University of Warsaw. He has been residing in the UK since 2006, where he took on a variety of customer service jobs. Lyszkowicz has maintained an interest in poetry since he was eight, when he became acquainted with the work of the Polish Romantics. He has also deeply indebted to post-war Polish poets such as Czeslaw Milosz and Zbigniew Herbert. Among his greatest influences in the English language are William Blake, John Donne, Dylan Thomas and the Canadian singer-songwriter, poet and novelist Leonard Cohen.


The improbability of changehit him in the gutwith the impact of a bullet. He stirred his coffee carefully.looked at it,poured it into the sink. Never again will hefool himself into believing. 

Terrifying Fruit

Like a magnifying glassagainst the dark suntraining violence and viceon a tiny speck of arm. So the body in its minutepart experience the painand horror of murder,torture and abuse. To say: this is real, and real;to say: this is not real, not real. But the seed has been sownso it will grow to bearits terrifying …

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The Edifices of Tomorrow

When the waiting endsthe hours sigh with regretdrop one by one,retired soldiers of forgotten campaigns. It’s no longer possibleto buy you flowers or go for a walk. Let’s storm the edifices of tomorrow,fill them with cries of joy and terror.

Two Castles

Two castles, two heartsand two empty seats-the feast’s not begun yet:the host’s out hunting fleas. Two castles, two storiesand a corpse at the gate-the guests, all fallen quiet,and the tablecloth’s turned red. Two castles, two lives:one spent, one unlived-God of the Last Chancereaching up his sleeve.

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