Amanda Geary

I have attended Creative Future's creative writing courses, including Museum Tales.

Message from a Bottle Garden

In here:no slugs,no snails,no brutal winds,no nibbling insects,no pissing cats,no spores,no weeds,no fingers–we give thanks.Not here:intoxicating liquids, or miniature ships.This garden speaks:for the living,for the aquarium,things in tanks,in pots,behind bars,behind glass. For the contained,framed,labelled stuffin museums.[35]It says:the price is vigilance.Our constant call:the humility to ask simplynot to be left to rot, dry out,or,be forgot.

Red from Black

The cloth square, hung on metal arms flung wide,like scarecrows along the Caspian Seaor hostages waiting for body search,becomes something to wear: an abba coatfrom a holy Iranian. Inside this envelope, read Vitruvian Man,his stories of desert trains of camels,their baby-hair woven for swaddling bands,or shrouds, stitched narrow strips, horizontalpassages moonlight-gilded through the black. And, …

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Artist Confession

Lord forgive me, I carved these Winter Bears. This artisan would labour many years with Italy’s native woods to create Our Lady and Our Saviour – their sacred images of suffering, sacrifice, our souls to elevate and edify not these idols, cartoons, at which you stare, hoping for meaning in the heart they share. Instead …

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My Museum Flower

This piece was written during the Museum Tales course held at Brighton Museum in the summer of 2014 Stolen from a vase amongst severalcentral to each table in the museum café,a white-petalled button-hole bloom. Yellow middle radiating petticoat frillsand cut stalk moist from its dip in Brighton tap-water, it’s now denim-crushed, pocket-hidden. Later, I may …

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