Ali Jeffery


Ali Jeffery is primarily a sculptor, using natural materials; wood and ceramic. Her work has a distinctly organic quality, being abstracted from naturally occurring objects & the rural landscape that informs & inspires her. It is concerned with line, poise, movement & texture and often has a surreal & humorous feel to it.Ali Jeffery makes sculpture in response to a variety of situations; smaller, domestic scale pieces for galleries, larger outdoor pieces for gardens/sculpture parks, and public art or private commissions with a functional aspect (abstract furniture). Because of the organic quality of her work, she prefers to make site-specific work to be situated outside.Ali Jeffery also produces 2D work. This originates from sub-conscious & wildly imaginative doodles in biro, and ends up as digital images or large charcoal drawings.She has two chainsaws (one for each hand).

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