About the Artist

I'm Martin Turrell, a fine art photographer, expressionist and visual artist based near Shoreham by Sea in West Sussex. I studied for a BA in Creative Media and have consistently developed a dark portraiture style over several years. Much of this, explores themes of trauma, anxiety, and depression creating haunting ethereal pieces favouring an emotional quality over gore. Whether it’s dark mutated silhouettes, distorted face shots, screaming portraits or physical mutations. These sometimes transform into positive beings of fire and light to transcend and break out of these depressive states. These are created through long exposure, different textured fabric, and fairy lights. Other tools I use include various bits of glass, plastic, and gels to distort the lens - creating a warped sense of emotional reality.

Being an artist is a massive part of my life, dealing with personal trauma and issues can be difficult from time to time, the only medium that helps release these feelings is photography, so the images are usually swamped in darkness and despair but it’s what gives them meaning and power. I mainly create images at my home in a confined space. It helps to be restricted on both resources and props as this challenges and pushes me further. Using my Canon 700D and Adobe Photoshop allow my ideas to flourish.

I’m hoping to develop and grow as an artist, exhibit work and continually build up my portfolio and reputation.

Email: [email protected]

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