About the Artist

Whilst at school I enjoyed art and managed to get an ‘O’ level grade in this subject, for the next 25 years I did not do any art at all. Due to peer pressure and lack of confidence which I confused with being bolshie and loud and being an attention seeker. I moved to London in the early 80s found employment, and started to use narcotics and other drugs.

During the 23 years of my using, I ended up on the streets begging, hospital, prison and 2 rehabs. I also managed to hold down various jobs whilst using which was extremely stressful and demeaning. 26 years later in prison I enrolled in the art group and assembled a decent portfolio.

On release being in rehab I got involved with Creative Future, who sent a piece of my work to Pallant House Gallery for the Outside In competition, of which I was one of the 6 winners, since then I have entered numerous exhibits, done a life drawing group, continued with my residency at Pallant House Gallery, achieved level 1-2 in art and design and am now onto a BTEC foundation diploma in fine art or working towards a fine art degree and possibly a masters in fine art and illustration.

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