About the Artist

My name is Claudia Samuels and I am an Artist/Writer who lives in London.
I have not received any formal Art/Creative Writing training, I simply try to exercise the gift given to me! I create because I was created in order to create, it's who I am and it's what I do!

I love the beauty of being still and getting lost in creativity, in hearing and portraying what God’s Voice is saying to me at any given moment in time, and then with brush in hand, capturing and transcending this into a work of art.

A few of my loves are, painting flowers and landscapes on board, canvas or wood using Acrylic or Watercolour paint moreover, creating Ceramic Artwork.

I also enjoy the different ways in which creativity can flow, be it through a train of thought, analogy, metaphor or even signage on a bus for that matter, and then with this, being taken on a journey in order to take the reader or hearer on a journey too, be it a journey of life, encouragement, inspiration etc. 

Thank you for visiting my profile.

Enjoy x

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