About the Artist

My name is Sophy and I am 19, I  have had a love for art since I was a little girl. I have since from then got GCSE grades in art in school and diploma in illustration and graphics in college. I also had a great opportunity at working as a volunteer in a tattoo studio for a few months, learning all the necessities and even tattooing on the fake skins. This experience has all helped me out a great deal due to watching to achieve my life ambition of becoming a tattoo artist in the future. In my work I mainly enjoy using fine liner pens and drawing a wide range of styles like dot work. I sometimes also enjoy using pencil to draw portraits and acrylic paints to do more fun and quirky things. I also use a wide range of different materials and crafts with my younger sister who is going down the same artistic path in life as me. My inspirations for my drawings are found from tattooists, adult colouring books, tattoo design books, band imagery and I have a love for Tim Burton's work due to it being so dark, different and quirky.

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