About the Artist

As a Metaphysical teacher and practitioner of 18 years; I am inspired to help people look DEEPLY within their heart and soul to explore and HEAL patterns of emotional, mental, physical issues that no longer serve them. These may be childhood wounds, relationship issues, mother, father, bullying, abuse to name just a few. My philosophy: LET GO, LET LOVE- means you can start to love yourself fully in a self honourable way with Integrity and self-empowerment. I conduct group and one to one sessions in how to heal and master the skills and understanding your power of love.
The guidance and healing I offer : Heart blessing meditations ,Shamanic Soul Journeys, Clairvoyant soul readings, Spirit extraction, Spiritual guidance is given to serve your highest good.
I hope you enjoy the wonder of India ;boundless treasures and surprises all around.

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