About the Artist

My work is currently inspired by the landscape of the sea, and in particular shells. I find objects of interest and turn them into stencils.

My work is inspired by random acts of aggression in society, and the threats we face from potential confrontation, with little control over our own destiny. My boxing imagery is a metaphor for person struggle.
I have researched techniques used by street and graffiti artists. My artwork uses collage, photocopying, spray-paint, screen-printing and stencil techniques in a fine art context. Combining all these let's me work intuitively and offers the chance of serendipity with potentially exciting outcomes. A natural progression has been to use these techniques in a three dimensional context, painting on discarded items such as empty cardboard boxes and plastic bottles. I like the idea of transforming a mundane, throw-away object into a piece of art, posing the question: When does art become rubbish?
Some street artist paint for political reasons, others are humorous. Street art doesn't discriminate, it welcomes artists from all backgrounds and countries, it is global!

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